“New challenges require a new generation of leaders.”

Admissions are processed on a rolling basis, within 7 to 14 days of submission. 

Previous iterations of the program were severely oversubscribed. Therefore, we recommend applying as soon as possible to guarantee a place in the program. 

For additional information, please contact the administrative assistant:
Ms. Emily Smith - info@oxfordgeopolitics.org  

Registration closes on April 30th, 2018.

Due to high demand, we have decided to expand the size of the incoming class and extend the deadline for applications to May 20th, 2018.

Application Form

We draw from our global network of world-class academics and high-level policy-makers to deliver a unique curriculum of seminars and lectures, tailored to the interests of accepted applicants. If you have more than one major interest, please fill out the details form:

Short Essay Response 

Please answer one of the following essay questions in no more than 1000 words. 

Q1: Has China been socialised into international society in the post-Cold War period?

Q2: What have been the major successes and failures of the Allied “War on Terror” since 9/11? Would you recommend changes to foreign policy or domestic practice?

Q3: “America is no longer in the business of world order.” - Robert Kagan, on the election of President Trump. Discuss.


Please answer the following short question, in no more than 500 words.

How do you expect to benefit from the Oxford Summer Programme on International Affairs? How will the programme help with your academic or career interests? Do you have any previous experience(s) or interests that would make you an ideal candidate for the programme?

Provide CV

Please be sure to e-mail submit your CV (Word document or PDF) directly to info@oxfordgeopolitics.org. Use your full legal name (as above) in the e-mail header